Pronto Group, established in 2020

We produce solutions with our products for the commercial kitchens of more than 130 countries in 5 continents.

We are Pronto Group, established in 2020 customer get the finest quality products at competitive prices. Right from the beginning, the customers of high repute for whom cod was never an issue opted for our manufactured products.
The company provides unmatched quality products to its valued customers.
As a result, many of our customers have patronized us for all their requirements of kitchen equipments.
Pronto Group has been making unremitting efforts in terms of quality so that a better product is dispatched in the market. lnspite of stiff competition, we ensure that All our customers are very different with differing priorities.
However all have a few things in common, such as government regulations, hygiene restrictions and prob-ably just as difficult to please, professional chefs and catering managers.


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